Am I justified for not answering back?

I recently started seeing a woman that I was dating few years back. Things were going good for a while, we did the movies, plays and things of the sort. We've fooled around but haven't slept together, part of her comfort zone is remaining celibate until she's ready.

This past January she invites me on this cruise she's going on for her family reunion in July. I tell her I'll consider it, I'm waiting to see if our relationship will progress before I commit to that. Then she asks for my decision at the end of that week because she needs the deposit from me if I go. Since she painted me into a corner I told her my answer was no because:

1) I've never met any of her family and she's had numerous opportunities to introduce me "she still lives at home" and then she wants to expose me to everyone at once?

2) I can only assume we would not be bunking in the same cabin if y'all know what I mean.

As far as I'm concerned we weren't where we should have been in a relationship to be doing something like that, she always introduced me as her "friend" But the fact that she was pressuring me to commit to something like that so soon after she asked me was the last straw. She's always been a self centered individual that way. I won't return any of her texts, she's educated so I'm wondering why she doesn't realize I want nothing else to do with her? Am I justified for putting her on cut off y'all?

P.S. We dated 5 months before that incident, by the way everything we did was always my treat,


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  • I think you should have the decency to tell her it's over. Saying no to the family reunion was fine, but running away with your tail between your legs was not.

    • I understand where you're coming from, but that's the same thing she did to me back in 2009. Stopped communicating with no explanation whatsoever, she even addmitted there was no good reason for it . So letting her back into my life at all is my fault.

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    • I told her the last time we talked that I wished her no ill will and that I hoped she finds the man of her dreams and I meant it. It unfortunately wasn't going to be me and when she finds him and when I find her do you think it would be appropriate if we're still talking to each other knowing how I felt about her?

    • lol if you honestly held no ill will, you'd do the decent thing and tell her you're done with her. So stop pretending. Once again, you're a big boy. You can do what you want. But own up to it, man.

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