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OK, so this might be confusing but I seriously need advice...So pretty much I asked my boss' son to prom the same week he got a girlfriend, which was my fault for leaving it last minute...But did say that he would've went if he never asked the other girl out...My friend texted him and told him to ask me to prom and then told him I've had a crush on him for over a year and then the night of prom she texted him saying how great I looked and how he should of been there (probably a bad idea)...Well yesterday he changed his Facebook relationship status to single...He obviously knows I like him but I am very shy...Should I try to talk/hang out with him more? Should I ask him out? Should I ask him what happened with him and his girlfriend? Will he ask me? Thoughts/opinions/advice are HUGELY appreciated :)


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  • Just concentrate on him and jknow that they broke up but yeah if you like him approach him more and see what happens,

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