This guy asked me out almost immediately after his break up?

I'm just wondering, how long does it take for guys to recover from a break up? There's this guy who's just broke up few days ago, we've been friends for a few months and he's been pretty nice to me but after he broke up with his girlfriend, he started to flirt with me, asked me out and stuff. I don't know what's the reason of his break up but I am worried if he's trying to use me to get over from his previous heart break, or use me as a substitute or if he really has recovered within such a short period?


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  • This is extremely situational and there's not really a good way for us to advise you accurately (but others are likely to just guess...)

    I've been in a situation where I was over the person before I broke up with her. I've also been in a situation where I wasn't over the person I broke up with for a good amount of time after.

    I've seen men do the "grudge f***" that you're worried about. I've seen people get together immediately after each of them had just broken up with somebody else (the couple I'm thinking about has lasted years so far, and are still doing great afaik).

    I'm sorry that there's no easy answer. If you do decide to engage, be prepared for the idea that he might only be looking for a one night stand AND that he might be looking for something more (nothing wrong with any of that if it doesn't bother you). You can probably ask him and get some kind of response as to what his intentions are, though he might not even know right now.

    • How can I ask so that I won't hurt his feelings? You know he might not be over with that girl yet, and I don't want to sound pushy.

    • Yeah, that's tough. As mentioned, he might not even know what his intentions are right now.

      If you're not comfortable with any of the likely outcomes, it might be prudent to stay out of this situation. If you're OK with all of them, then obviously you've got nothing to lose. It just depends on what you're comfortable with. Try not to expect anything if you do engage.

    • The thing is I like him, so I'm just gonna wait and see what his next steps are. Thank you.

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  • If he dumped her than I would feel he it was cause he was interested in you. If not than yes he is looking to get over her with you.

    • Means either way it's bad? Assuming that he dumped her because of me means in future there'd be a possibility that he'd dump me for another girl, right?

    • possibly not, but if he is not a stand up guy then yes.

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