Is it common for guys to ask you for you to text them or call them right away?

I am new at the dating sites and don't know what to expect.I just put my pics up yesterday and a slew of guys are asking for me to text them from my cell or call to get to know each other better. I thought that's what the dating site was for. Feeling really naive for asking about this.


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  • No, from my experience, if the guy is interested in getting to know you for the right reasons, there isn't a sense of urgency to speed the process along. Normally, you'll email a few times back and forth, and if things are going well at that point, you can exchange phone numbers to chat over the phone, and if that goes well and you feel comfortable, you can meet up in person.

    There are a lot of decent guys online, but there are also a lot of freaks out there too, so when giving our your number, be selective, and when meeting in person, always play it safe. Meet in public, let a few friends know where and when you'll be, and don't share too much personal information upfront. More than anything, trust your gut. You'd be surprised how quickly you can tell it can work or it can't work just over email. Trust your gut and be safe.

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