How to keep him interested when I don't see him often?

I really like a guy and he texts me everyday. We hung out one night and we both had a great time and want to hang out again. Thing is, its been over 2 weeks and I still Haven't seen him, only briefly at work like once a week. And when he doesn't see me he sends me a sad face text :(. He is very busy with traveling for golf tournaments and we work opposite shifts. I don't want to bug him by asking to see him when he cant. so how do I keep him interested, I don't want this to fade :/

And don't say if he really liked me he would make time, he works from 7pm-3am and I work from 3am-11am, he has been out of state twice in the last week and has a chance to play in a pro tournament, he really is busy. I will be going to his shift but it won't be until after summer.


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  • Keep talking to him and just set a time where you can both meet each other up even if it's for a couple of min.

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