Should I call or wait for him to call?

My boyfriend's phone got cut off on Tuesday. He wrote me on Facebook Wednesday saying that he is going to get his phone cut back on when he get off work and that he will call me as soon as it gets turned on. No Call.. So Thursday night we chatted on Facebook and he said that he will call me in the morning. No call on Friday. So today I texted him. No text back. I called but I only let it rung once. I don't want to keep textin him seeing what's wrong because we usually talk everyday. I don't want to get mad or sad about the situation and I don't want to break up with him. But I have a feeling that something may be wrong.


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  • Call him! It already sounds like something might be up with him but the most effective way to get him to fess up if anything is messed up on his end would be through the phone. It'll spare you the waiting around that comes with texting and whatnot, and there's definitely nothing wrong with the girl showing initiative!


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