I want to help them both, but how?

So my friend (and yes really my friend, not me) really likes this guy and he really likes her. But here's the catch. He is so damn shy it's not funny. If ever they talk it's always an awkward conversation. He never speaks to her first I literally have to force them two together for them two to even talk. My friend really wants him to stop being so shy and just grow a pair! He wants to go on a date with her but he is way too quiet and shy to ask her out. What do I do to help them? I really want them both to be happy especially because he is loosing her because she can't wait around forever for a shy guy and he just can't grow a pair! Someone please tell me what I should do/ say to them?!


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  • Depending on how good of terms you are with the guy, TELL HIM. He won't be rejected so he won't be scared. If not women can ask guys out too! Tell her to stop putting all the pressure on him. Once he knows that she likes him back, it will all work out. BUT MAKE SURE you know FIRST HAND that they both like each other BEFORE you play the intruding friend and think about if this is good for the both of them (I know couples that crashed and burned because a friend set them up and it didn't work). WARNING: I know how fun it is to play matchmaker but its not about you, its about them. best of luck to your friends

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