Breaking up after the first date?

I was recently asked out by a good friend of mine, we've known each other for a good year or more and I've never really been attracted to him and at first I was really excited, but he started taking things a little fast at first, quickly called me nicknames and talked to me like a boyfriend. I told him to take it slow and he stopped, he was very respectful about it and everything. He just a few days ago came over to meet my parents and hang out and I was excited but it was soon killed. I realized that I have mentally friend zoned him... When he poked me it was like my brother was poking me, there was just no spark... Nothing. He`s also one of those guys where you can only stand them for a little while. No I told him that I was not sure in what way I cared about him and promised him I`d still go on the date to see if feelings changed. I`m worried I said yes only because he was the first person to ask me out.

We are going out in two days and I`m worried that after the first date I`m still not going to feel anything. Now keep in mind that I`ve known this guy for a year or longer, he knows I've never been attracted to him and that I don`t know in which way I care about him. To me your not really in a relationship until after a few dates but he`s already convinced I`m his girlfriend. I`m still giving the date a try and I`m trying hard to have feelings for him... Is it okay to 'break up' after the first date since I've known him for so long? This is my very first time in a relationship so it is all new to me... Please help!


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  • Don't worry about your feelings. thisis only a first date, after all, and at you rage, you're not likely to be sure what yu think abouthim, that's normal. Just relax and have a good time, try to actually get to know him a little.

    Sure it's OK to tell him you're not interested in anything more than frirendship. At his age, neither is he, probably, anyway.


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