Should I stop talking to him?

Met this guy through a mutual friend at uni. First date was a blind date, he was nice, funny, smart. We held hands, hugged, kissed then suddenly he tells me that he doesn't want a serious relationship. Then I got mad at him and said that I didn't want him touching me unless it's a relationship. The second time we are hanging out as friends. He has changed, quiet, kept to himself, serious. Two days later, I tell him that I don't want to be friends anymore . He says okay, that's fine. Then I talk to my brother and he was like you should fool around with him . If he doesn't want a relationship. So I start talking to him again, but then he is like no, I don't want that. Let's keep it friendship. So the third time we hang out, he is in his car doing drugs! And he wants me to try some. I said no because I have a blood test. So then he explains that the reason he doesn't want a relationship is because he is a drug addict. Now we are talking as friends but occasionally we talk dirty. My best friend is concerned because she thinks it's unacceptable for him to drive me around in his car when he is high. She also is concerned because he is a dealer and she knew somebody who almost got shot by hanging with a dealer.. So should I stop talking to him? My parents are very strict and I told them about him , they aren't letting me go out anymore. I feel happy when talking to him because I feel glad that someone finds me attractive . He is a sweet escape to my reality. I don't want to let him go


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  • Helloo , this is a "drug addict" speaking. I'm into marijuana. Yea, smoke it whenever I want, for a day once or twice, then a couple of days I pause and repeat. I'll be honest with you, weed is a mean for people to be themselves and that's where intelligence kicks in. Weed just peels off your defences, leaving your "inner" side in the open. And yea, that shows you a lot of things, if you're smart enough to catch em in your head and understand them. So, you meet a guy that's funny/interesting/kind/attractive. Wonder why he's like that? Because he's in general, a smart guy. The type that can talk to 15 and 35 years old people and still be a good conversation partner, the type of person that creates a nice feeling in other people when he communicates. Because with intelligence comes a certain ammount of emotionality and that + a good ammount of knowledge about things in life => maturity. I don't know if that's specifficaly my case or it's the basic scenario and everyone gets to that point in their lives, but I am sure of one thing, us people are a rarity. So, if you are interested and want to understand how deep the rabbit hole really is, you should probably try communicating with him a bit more.

    Point is - your friends are always higher priority than your boyfriends, that's a must. Stopping talking to him would be up to you, again, if you're not interested. Sounds like you are, so keep talking to him, go on another level of communication and see if he follows you. Or how much further you can go on (seriously, try hard, I hate it when a good talk goes "oooooooooommmmmmm..." ) And I don't care about public oppinion, I am what I am and am happy for being myself, this is me talking to you, if you want to listen - listen, if not - report and get this comment deleted, I am only trying to show you his viewpoint. If he's into other drugs, I don't really recommend you to continue with this person, chances of you getting shot are not really THAT high, unless he's a big notch, sounds like your every-day dealer though. (High-class don't use the things they sell) Talking to parents is a bad way to get approval for almost everything unless communication with them is at max level (I love my mother for that, she knows I get high :D After a couple of weeks with amazing communication I told it to her straight) . You will find a lot of other people, who find you attractive, IMHO you should try levelin with him and go for it, you never know, if he starts RESPECTING you and admiring you for what you are, chances for a serious, amazing, one-of-a-kind relationship are almost a 100 % =] Just be the awesome person I think you can be and go with the flow. Now sorry for the awfully long comment if you've reached this point, thanks for reading and hope you manage to dig out the precious info from all the stupidity I wrote and let it help you, if he's like me it will definitely show results... and very quickly too :)

    • Seconds later, he turns out to be coke-head. Yea, that's when things go bad. F***that comment I wrote and get yourself into another relationship, this is pretty much "the bad turnout" of us people :/

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    • This is a pm topic, lemme get right back at you =]

    • Ok let me know lol

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  • Uh, honestly weed really isn't a big deal and I find it funny that he says "I can't be with you because I do drugs", and outside of ghettos I've never even heard of a weed dealer getting shot unless A) He was dealing something else too or B) He's a dumbass.

    Anyways, this entire situation sounds like it's never going to go anywhere. I suggest moving on.

    • Lol he doesn't do weed.. It's cocaine. He also does other drugs. But the main drug, he does. Is cocaine, he also sells all kinds of different stuff. He wants me to try LSD and cocaine with him :S

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    • You don't sell coke to people to help them, you sell coke to make money off of their addiction. Also the scatter brain responses he gives you are already a redflag, he's totally out of it.

      I really really really suggest you leave this one alone. Even if you just want to "hook up" I'm sure you can find better guys than this.

      Never make the mistake of trusting a junkie.

    • Yeah well he really screwed up my relationship with family... He was like tell them about me so you can be honest with them and build a relationship with them so I tell family and now I'm not allowed to go out at all.. So I learned to stop taking advice from him. Also a friend that I can't take advice from.. Then the friendship is kinda useless

  • she finds a drug addict, drug dealer and guess what?! she wants him! am I the only one not surprised by this?

    • I'm kinda going crazy because of all the restrictions family put on me

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    • lol that's kind of a funny break up, even tho it probably still sucks a bit

    • Yeah it is kinda funny lol, but I still miss him

  • Don't hang with him at all. Eventually you will give in if you get too involved with him. You might even strart using with him & then all will spiral downwards. I say don't entertain. Let it go.

    • Yeah.. His whole lifestyle revolves around drugs, he sells them. He does them, his friends are druggies.. We are two completely different people. To become a part of his world, I would have to be more like him.. And it's not worth it. If he doesn't love me

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