First kiss?

i am SO inexperienced! I haven't even had my first kiss, or a boyfriend, or anything.will I EVER get my first kiss? all my friends make fun of me and stuff.


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  • dont worryy, you will eventually get your first kiss. it just happens at different times for different people. like, I have a cousin who is legit gorgeous and didn't hook up until the summer before her junior year in high school..i mean I don't know how old you are because you're on anonymous, but I'm sure you'll have your first kiss sometime :)


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  • dont rush it, yeah I know you want it, but if you rush it, it doesn't come "natural" ya know?

    youll know when its natural cause you'll just have that gut feeling that you know its the right thing to do... of course that hypocritical of me because my first is one id like to forget as well as my 2nd...


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  • Of course you will some day. I'm 18, almost 19, and I've never been kissed. I believe it's just because I haven't found the right person yet.

    Your friends shouldn't make fun of you, plenty of people haven't been kissed by your age. Just hang in there! =]

  • you will have one. and truth be told it could go several different ways.

    you could:

    love it,

    hate it,

    be blown away,

    slightly dissappointed.

    who really knows? the point is don't rush it. just let it happen be patient. the first guy I kissed I wish I hadn't because my boyfriend came soon afterwards and he is amazing.

    the guy before. just wanted me for kissing and bodily pleasures. my boyfriends wants all of me. to me. he is my first TRUE kiss.