Should I text him, or should I wait?

I have been talking to this new guy via text for the past couple of days. He is sweet, smart, and attractive. We texted from the time he woke up to the time I went to sleep yesterday, trying to get to know each other. He was using pet names, like babe, baby, and baby girl. Yesterday he said he would be going on a float trip today with some friends, and probably would be able to text. Later on I asked if it was gonna be gone all day(in a cute way, not clingy) and he said he'd be gone between 11 and 5. Well today I texted him and told him " hey I hope your having fun. I'm thinking about you:P " around 2. It's now 7pm and I want to know if I should text him or if I should wait. I don't want to appear to be clingy. I really like him and I want this to work out.


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  • i would just leave it and wait for him to text sent the text and now just wait for him to reply...give it 2 days if no word back then send him a new text.


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