My boyfriend is not over his ex. He still loves her what do I do?

we decided to go to jamba juice but 20 minutes into talking he starts to change his mood to complete sad and about to cry. It was hard to get out of him at first than he opened up to me. He says this is where me and my ex broke up 3 months ago, she left to Canada to accept this offer for a job that will pay her more than she got in America so she took it. I was a little hurt. We went back to his house and he asked me how do I feel and I'm like I have been hurt so many times and what if your ex comes back your probably going back to her and he's like to be honest I will probably. So he says I need to think right now and takes me home he tells me I really like you and I don't want to break up but its up to you if you want to be with me, stay friends or, break it off for good, he's like you have to be selfish right now its what you want and think is right for you so I'm like ill talk to my mom about and talk to you later. Before he drops me off he asks me to promise that I will call him tonight and I say I promise. he's like I need to go home and call her and see what she says, she keeps telling him she's coming back but its been months so he wants to say now or never. I don't know what to do I really like this guy but I'm scared of getting attached and then hurt. I called him asking what if you don't hear from her he's like I don't know. I asks him to call me tonight and he said he will. I'm thinking of waiting for his ex to talk to him and tell me what she says. Do you think that's a good idea help please..


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  • This seems very familiar. And I was hurt. He moved from another state to CT and he kept trying to talk to her even though we were together. She told him "no" but he still felt for her and it ruined us because I knew I should've ran months ago the first time he brought up how he wasn't over her. We aren't together and he is still single waiting for her. Its depressing. You should really think about leaving the situation because he told you that if she says jump then he will and he never said if he cared even if it means leaving you.

    • yeah its tough I'm sorry abot that its a horrible feeling finding yur boyfriend is still in love with their ex and chooses them instead of you :(

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    • yeah I'm still crying over him ughh blahh feel so empty I don't kow how to say f*** off I'm too nice of a person :(

    • if you can't say it then dont! lol there is always someone better around the corner don't cry over him its a waste of fun time you can be having...i found real good looking ones and hey with better dame jobs lol

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