Finding people who you dated?

How did you find the people you dated and/or entered into relationships with?


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  • Brenda: in a bar at the juke box.

    Paula: at a college party

    Gail: at a church singles group (I knowwww, long story)

    Lisa: New Years Eve party (she was not my date lol).

    Janet: on a bus

    Linda: referred as a client by another client

    Polly: through a mutual friend

    Lori: sister of a friend

    Sandy: in a bar after work

    Sue: high school reunion

    Joni: skiing, on a chair lift

    Terry: daughter of woman I was interviewing for my job; in their living room.

    Rita: bar in New Orleans

    Chris: boarded my horses

    • Yoko: in a museum, in Spain

      Rebecca: horse riding expedition in Ireland

      Sharon: family camp I was forced to go to lol.

      Lynn: groupie for college hockey team

      Bernadette: singles ad in newspaper

      Jennifer: on line, greensingles

      Joni II: playing in a dart league

    • Wow ok.

    • Wish you well, dear. Make life a total adventure. The more interesting things you do=the more interesting people you meet.

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  • She saw me in the hallway of a dormitory!

    On the other hand, every time I try to meet people it doesn't work out for me :(

  • Personal contact, chance, and lots of time.Perseverance pays the best dividends.

  • Places I've been out in public, parties, get-togethers at friends' houses, etc.


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