So what happens now?

I really like this guy and we kissed a couple of days ago..but now I don't know what to do. we Haven't talked about what happened and I don't know if he just kissed me just because. I don't feel comfortable bringing it up either :/ what can I do?


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  • if both of you are so uncomfortable as to not talk about it, then kiss again.

    then talk.

    • lol I would like to..but I can't just kiss him...its taken me this long to kiss him the first time lol

    • Well, then. Who initiated the kissing?

What Girls Said 1

  • Have you talked at all after the kiss? Maybe he s shy to bring it up. I think just wait and see what happens.

    • ya we were talking for a good while..i just haven't seen him since

    • I think the situation will be much clearer once you see him face to face.