Please help I have gotten myself in a predicament

I have been friends with this guy for a few months and we started having sex but talked several times about neither of us wanting a relationship. He recently told me he has feelings for me and since he knows how I feel about relationships he started hanging out with another girl to try to get over me but he can't stop his feelings for me and wants to be with me. I told him I still didn't want a relationship (I'm very afraid of my own feelings) and we still hang out and I know he still has feelings for me and I makes me crazy knowing he is sleeping with another girl but am still scared of a relationship and feel guilty having him waiting for me to change and do care about him and he knows I have feelings for him too. Any advise please.


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  • In what way are you afraid of your own feelings? It seems like the only thing stopping you two from having a relationship is your fear.

    • Idk I just always end up running when things get serious and it is my own fear that gets in the way.

    • My advise would be to somehow confront that fear, figure out on your own what makes you feel this way and how you can work yourself around it so it doesn't stop you from doing what you really want.

  • Stop having sex, figure out what it is you have together. what's your feeling towards a relationship any way? he has feelings for you and you have feeling for him, what's the problem? are you wanting to hold out till some one better comes along or?

    • Its not that I'm waiting for something better to come along I just don't do well in relationships as soon as it starts getting serious I run I'm not quite sure why. And I didn't really notice my feelings until he told me about his even when it has been hinted at over the past few months I'm just really confused and I know he has every right to be with another girl right now since we aren't dating and I was with another guy but I don't like it especially when we are hanging out and she is calling

    • Bc then I actually have to face the reality that she is around.

    • In FWB some guys (or even girls) can't separate the emotional side from the physical and gets feelings for the other. You have to figure out if you have feelings (love feelings) towards him or if its just jealousy of having something that was once yours now being with some one else. And if it is love feeling scoop him up before he's gone or else your gonna be in some even stronger emotional turmoil.

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