Ever heard of Meetme.com?

Well I met a girl I REALLY like on there, and she seems to like me,she lives a few hour drive, so I couldn't see her much, We have TONS in common, and she is amazing. My heart beats fast and I get butterflies just chatting with her, (manly right lol) I even started running so ill look better if we meet up...the thing is...i don't know her name :3 I never asked, Her name on there isn't her real name, But mine is Captain Micah Parnell, so she knows my name (take off the Captain) but we met because her name has Pirate Ninja in it, so I was like" Hey fellow Pirate :D" and then went from there, anyway how could I ask her if she was single in a way so it doesn't seem like I like her (so I don't give it away in case she doesn't like me) Please Help Me?


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  • I think you should meet her in person first before you say anything about things that you want her to be your gf.

    Most of time, because we met on the internet, it's hard to know their real life. But if you are sincere, you should ask about her name, or you can try to start over and ask her. If we both know the real information, that would make the friendship or relationship better.

    So the first thing you need to do, is to ask her out and meet up. Good luck!


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  • Hush your spamming nonsense.

  • never heard of the site no

    and it sounds good and all but always be cautious with online people.

    i love your new pic, you have a lovely smile

    • Yeah, it's a site for teens to meet teens, a little like Facebook? more or less, and thank you!

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