Ever had a thing like this and how did it end?

i have this friend I don't know if he is my friend, enemy or my love.

we get along so well sometimes, he does help me when I need him, sometimes we have verbal fights and say sorry or just get along without saying sorry. we have kissed but he insist nothing happened but he does not won't me to be with someone else...what is this? and what should I do?


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  • nothing, it sounds like your already dating.

    • sure I thought so too but can it work? we have never said we love each other, I like him but am not sure he is mine and he won't say anything like I love you, I want us to get serious, be my girlfriend...he wants us to go shopping, help me with everything and many compliments about my earrings , hairstyle and nails.n he won't call

    • Speak to him about this. Communication is key... without it doors stay locked...including the one that leads to the heart.

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