Need advice on the girl I like.

Okay so here it is and I need some advice from females on this. I have been talking to this girl for about seven months and we met on new years eve. I really like her and she says that she likes me and that she really cares for me. She even told me yesterday that I am extremely important to her. At first she wanted a relationship with me and I didn't want one with her and now I want a relationship with her but she doesn't want one with me only because I have been going through a bad depression and I am trying to get out of it but she says she knows she can't commit to me right now because I can't give her what she wants in a relationship. So, here lately we have been talking a lot about us and she tells me that we can't be talking about us every time we talk. Also, yesterday I asked her what could I do to turn this around and make her want to be with me. She told me to just cool it with all the texts and just when she calls just talk to her. What does she mean by this? I mean she says that she wants to start liking me again. She told me she does not want to date anyone else or talk to anyone else. So what advice would you females give me on this so I can turn it around? Oh she said maybe every now and then I could call her and just leave a message saying that I have been thinking of her. I did text her this morning saying "Good morning sweetheart! I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you!". She wrote me back later saying "Thank you=) very sweet! Hope you have a great day!" I mean does she like me still or is that just her being nice? I am so confused right now I just need some help!


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  • What she means by cool it with the texts is simply just don't overwhelm her with questions about a relationship. If she's telling you that you are very important to her, it means she cares.In my opinion, She is just being smart and trying to find out if she can handle a relationship with you. When you talk to her, talk about her, what her day was like, talk about things she likes. And by saying this, I don't just mean ONLY her, talk about yourself too! My guess is just that no girl can enter a relationship without knowing how the guy she likes works, you know? She needs to see your true colors. And I am not saying this to make you feel bad at all, but to women, when all you do is talk about a relationship, it's like we feel like we're being pushed. Just be yourself!

    • Thank you for that, I just needed to hear it from another girl to see what I needed to do about this, I have just been driving myself crazy over her. I definitely don't want to push her because she told me that the more I push the more I push her away and she is the type to run the other way so I definitely don't want that. Thanks again.

    • No problem, seriously! I've been through it myself and now I'm in a happy relationship of four years, and he almost pushed me clear across the states! lol (: good luck!

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