Why doesn't he make the effort in our relationship?

Me and my boyf have been going out for 2 & a half years and have had a really good relationship. In the past few months though I feel like he isn't bothered and doesn't make the effort. Communication isn't the problem as I have asked him on a few occasions why he's not been in touch. ( we used to see each other everyday in school but we have had exam leave so only see each other at the weekends now) He always gives me a sweet answer saying I love you blah blah blah. I confronted him the other night though saying that words aren't enough anymore, that surely if he loves me he would want to if I'm alright, how my revision is going, its not like he's busy. He apologized and said he will try to show that he loves me more and that he had no idea he was being like that etc. But 2 days later already being antisocial and mardy, I really don't understand! :S I don't think I'm being unreasonable, I'm bored of making the effort to meet up or asking him how he is for him to answer and not ask me back! why is he like this?


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  • stop being so needy and clingy, the dude said he loves you people have sh*t going on he may be busier the you. just give the guy a chance 2 day ain't that long.

  • Exam time...or to me Stress time.

    Exams tend to piss me right off, leave my temper real low- I would still talk to you, but I would attempt to keep the conversation as short as it possibly can be. I thik that you should leave him to revision, and just let it cool off and be a guy until exams over. Once his final exam is done then start talking to him like you are- The relief I get from finishing my last exam is AMAZING!

    Let him cool off for a bit and then get back to him, he seems very serious about studies!

    Hope I helped! =D


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