Girls: Did I make a mistake?

So there's this girl I like. We are friends and we text A TON. I told her I liked her and she said she didn't feel the same but she still wanted to be friends. (that was a few months ago) Lately though we've been running out of things to talk about so I'm taking a break from texting her. She figure skates and the other day she posted a picture of herself in one of her skating outfits on Facebook. She looked good in it so I sent her a FB message that said "You look very pretty in that red skating dress! Saw that pic on my news feed. Well that's all, I'll let you be" (copied and pasted, those are my exact words). I sent that on Thursday and kept waiting for a response. I didn't hear from her and figured she just hadn't seen it because she hadn't been online. Finally yesterday (Sunday), I saw her make a status update so I know she must have gotten it. This was confirmed by looking at the message, Facebook said it was seen on Sunday. She never replied though! Was what I said awkward? I've told her she is pretty before on a text (awhile after I told her I liked her) and she said something along the lines of ":) :) :) Thanks, that means a lot". Did I make a mistake? Should I not have said it? What should I do?


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  • I think that she's getting sick of it. She already told you that she doesn't feel the same. And to her, you telling her that she's pretty probably makes her feel like she's being hit on a lot. For example me with my guy friends, which I know Ill never be romantically involved lol, they never say that to me, because it makes it seem romantic. I'm 16 btw.

    • Okay that makes sense... is there anything I should do now? I don't want this to ruin our friendship

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    • Pretend it never happened. Saaying " sorry if it was awkward" just makes it mroe awkward lol-

    • Okay thanks

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