If your boyfriend suggested you go the gym to gain more confidence how would you read into this?

My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year now, but he left to teach English abroad 6 weeks ago in Taiwan. Our relationship grew slowly as he was holding back knowing he was going to go away and said he had not completely let me in as he wasn't sure how we would work with him being away.

Once he left he told me he did want it to work, that he really missed me and wants us to stay together, He also said if he moves anywhere next year he would like me to be with him too.

As things were a bit 'up in the air' before he left I was still feeling a little insecure about his true feelings.

As a result I guess I have been seeking reassurance through email and Skype and lately he said my low confidence can be a pain sometimes as he feels he keeps needing to reassure me. He also then mentioned that it would be a good idea if I went back to the gym like I did before we met to pick up confidence. I wasn't quite sure how to react to this, would love to hear your ideas what he means by this..thank you :)


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  • Are you fit?

    If your body doesn't look like this


    then he's saying you have too much fat on you.

    ... in which case you should say to him "Yes honey, you're right, great advice" and go to the gym tomorrow.


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