It's my 16th birthday today 6/19 but I need your help!

Hey! :D

Today is my 16th birthday and I'm gonna have a big and nice party with lots of friends and music. But I need your help! There is this girl in high school who is a year older than me and I like her to death! The problem is I never talked to her, never said a "Hi" because I'm so shy! Here in Greece it's morning and we still have exams and today we have to go and write, so I'm gonna see her. I want to invite her to my party but I don't know how to start a conversation. That's why I need your help. I want to turn my swag on and go talk to her for the first time. My party is gonna be on 6/21 so I have three days to talk to her. Please date experts help me make my birthday the best birthday ever. She is the present I want :D please help me. Thank you!


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  • I am not a date expert, but if you like her that much, invite her to your party! If she doesn't show, it's your 16th birthday make the best of it.


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  • Turn your swag on? Don't do that, it's not a rap video.

    Did she take the exam too? Chat her up about something related to that, since everyone is probably taking an exam of some sort. Shoot the sh*t and casually talk to her. When you need to go, simply tell her about your party and invite her to come if she wants to. There's really nothing to it and you're becoming your own worst enemy by building it up in your head.

    • Thank you for your answer. Many people tell me to just go and talk. Thank you again

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    • Hahaha OK. I'll stop Building it in my head. I'll just go to her and say THIS IS MY PARTY like a proud Spartan lol :p

    • Ooo rah!

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