He didn't tell me, am I a bad person?

Okay, so, I've been talking to this guy and he had an obsessive girl, who called him like, several times throughout our meet up. He said she was "crazy" and just his best friend. So, long story short, he came over my house yesterday and we kissed. I'm not saying that he kissed me, because I wanted him too. But then today, I got told his "best friend" is actually his girlfriend. I feel so bad, I've never done anything like this before :'( Am I a bad person?


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  • No, HE's the bad person. You and his Girlfriend are the ones who got used.


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  • No you are not a bad person you simply were not aware of the fact that he already has a gilrfriend. He on the other hand is the bad person because he's cheating on his girlfriend by kissing you.