It took a while to get a first date....Is she into me?

Ok, so a few months ago I met this girl online. I know lame meeting a girl online, that's what all my friends told me, especially since I go to a huge college and there are Women everywhere! Anyways, I met her online, we talked a few times through messages, then we IM'd a few times. I then happened to move to go back to school and she happens to live nearby. So I do a little flirty talk with her online and we decide to meet for coffee.

So I met her for coffee, and she turned out to be ridiculously attractive, like far beyond what I imagined... She was super confident, obviously because she knows she is attractive, but she wasn't snobby or anything. Naturally I liked her after our coffee meeting. After coffee I walked her to her car and gave her a hug. She told me to "call her sometime". I took this a a good sign, like she might like me at least enough to give me a shot.

I didn't call her for a few days, then I called her, she didn't answer so I left a message saying we should go out soon and do something fun. She texted back an hour later and agreed. I said Friday and she said alright. When Friday rolled around, she didn't answer. So I wrote her a message online asking about it and she said she had lost her phone... I ended up kinda just not talkin to her for a couple weeks ( a few comments on myspace but that's about it.) Then I wrote her a private message and asked about her phone, she said she had just got it replaced. So I called her and she didn't answer. So this time I wrote her online and she wrote back saying we should go out for dinner, which will be tomorrow.

She also commented a new photo I put up saying it was sexy (just today).

So now I am going to go out to sushi with her tomorrow, and I am stoked. At first I thought she was just not into me after the coffee meeting, but then I thought about the whole -unavailable-hard to get game that some women like to play...

We also talked online today and she suggested we go snowboarding on Wednesday together.. I am just confused as hell!

Does this sound like a classic case of hard to get? We have flirted plenty online, but not any more personally than that really.

Should I flirt with her a lot on the date? We've shot back and forth some sexually oriented lines a few times online, but I am wondering if I somehow put myself in the friend zone, which is not what I want...

I guess I'll find out after the date tomorrow if anything really clicks.

Any tips and comments that might help me on my date would be helpful. I'm a confident guy, but I like this one and just don't want to pull some dick move and mess it up ya know.

Thanks in advance!


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  • My guess:

    She's into you. But she's also playing hard to get a little bit, and/or she wants to move slow and/or she's seeing other guys.

    My advice for this second date to keep you out of the friend zone is to make a move.

    I don't mean turn into an animal and expect to get laid or have a heavy makeout session (though it might happen!)

    I mean go in for a kiss or two. Hold her hand. Sit close to her and wrap your arm around her shoulder. Make it obvious that you want to be physical with her. Stake your claim. There's no perfect moment, so take whatever good moments arrive.

    My rule-of-thumb for dating was that if I didn't get some physical action by date 2, it was a red flag about her. Like I said, I didn't expect to get laid. But when a girl won't hold your hand or kiss by date 2, that's often a red flag about her intentions.

    Good luck!

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