What are some of the signs that indicate a person is not ready for a relationship yet?

I am curious, what are some of the signs that indicate a person is not ready for a relationship? Considering that the person has never been in any relationship before.


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  • There are way too many to list in one shot...

    One might be general disorganization. Another might be the failure to communicate clearly. Another may be the lack of a job, steady credentials, etc. If the person is a complete recluse, the chances that he/she is ready for a relationship are slim.

    The goal of a relationship is to be WITH someone who can love and "support" you (emotionally, not just financially), so if they don't have their own act together, there's little chance that they'll be supportive that YOU have yours together (or are trying to get there). It's one of the reasons that confidence and a positive attitude are so highly sought after in a prospective partner.

    • What kind of emotional support?

    • You have never needed emotional support?

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  • Oops, that's what my boyfriend considering for me...

    I want to end up married.

    But he's always ask me am I ready for a further step in relationship?

    I really don't know. I think everyone needs time to get used to everything new.

    It just a matter of habbit.

  • Someone who tends to "talk" to multiple people of the gender they are interested in or job hops frequently. It usually shows commitment issues of some sort.


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