Should I remind him of the date or not?

So I have really liked this guy for too long, about 2 years and I've never seen him.I know what you are thinking right now, but I really really like him, it doesn't matter we never met... So we finally set a date up 2 weeks from now. Today I saw on Facebook he posted 4-5 hearts under this girl's photo and has liked actually a lot of her photos... I cried for an hour or so because I genually really like him. Ans that girl... she has a smoking hot body and all...And he has been writting statuses on Facebook strongly suggesting he is in love...So my question is : We made plans for that date a week or a bit more ago, he hasn't written to me ever since, when there are left like 2-3 days before that date do I remind him or do I just forget about it?


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  • So how often do you guy talk before you you made plan with him? Are you communicating through phone or Facebook? Why don't you just send him a quick remind about the date. If he doesn't respond then he is avoiding you.

    • well it's different, we used to talk everyday, than we didn't speak for a month, than 2-3 times a week, but before that I would say like twice a week and it is through Facebook. And the days is suppoused to be 2 weeks from now so I plan on reminding him like 2 days before that, something like "are we still up for Friday :)" and I don't think it's pushy or anything, its that other girl that bothers me...

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    • i am really really into him, almost like inlove, so I never thought I was good enough for him..I never analise things this much,i am never affraid to go out with somebody, I'm always very natural,easy going, I don't care much for boys, but all of this things are the exact oposite when it comes to him!

    • I know your feeling. I have one guy in my life that I would break every dating books for but I know he only like me as friend. Just message him and I think you should ask for his number I mean you chat with him long enough to get over the Facebook chat. For me Facebook is not really count until you talk with each other through telephone.

  • Forget it, if he wanted a date with you he would of contacted you by now, if I were you I would wait until you were talking to him again and see if he mentions it,if not, you just weren't on his mind, better to move on,besides you never met him,so you don't know him that well to be that heartbroken

    • well for 2 years of chatting I actually do know him very well so I'm not so sure about the heartbroken thing