What can I do to change his mind and start dating?

Okay there's this guy,we've been talking for about 4 months and we start kissing like a month ago...and we talked about some stuffs and he told me he likes me a lot but because of some reasons he don't want to have a relationship or start dating at the time being...but he was kinda okay with the idea to get to know each other better...i really love him...and I don't want to lose him...do you have any idea what I should do to make him change his mind and start dating or relationship...i really want this to work out and don't want to lose him...what should I do?i need some advice so bad!


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  • Just keep seeing him and don't push for anything more then he couldn't offer. Don't rush or push him or you are going to make him run from you. Also you have to remember that you are single and you can still talk to other guys too. Let him know that he is not the only guy you are talking to and lets see his reaction. Does he have a reason for not wanting to have a relationship?

    • well he told me that he's work is keeping him busy lately and so many thing but I've no idea what those things are...i'll just try to keep him around and make him not run away...tnx!

    • Yeah just don't issue any ultimatum. Lets the natural do it course and see where this thing is taking you. Well at least his heart is not occupy with another girl like me. My friend she is seeing a guy but he didn't want relationship because he is still into his ex. Sad because the dude is super confuse to her.

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  • I know how you feel (except for the kissing part), but what it seems like is that you guys seem to be dating if he has kissed you! Just give it some time since it has only been 4 months about and stay on the topic about him such as asking him about questions about himself! If you know where he works then stop by to let him know you were thinking about him or drop a voice mail for him ask if there has been anything he's been dying to see or whatever!

    • tnx :) actually it's been already 6 months since we started talking and we share a lot in common...we talk for hours almost every single day and he never go to sleep without wishing me a good night...he's been so busy with his work lately and I can't stop by and say hi or sth like because of his job type... I'll see him this Saturday and we'd probably spend the whole afternoon together and I want to do sth that can possibly change his mind...any idea? :/

    • Wht a sweet boy! Mine (just a best friend that is a crush) is also busy with their work schedule! Maybe acidentally drop a love note/ poem on the ground then give wondering eyes and try to see if he spots it if not then no worries... just remember don't push him long! Just give him a hug before and after and let him know how much you missed him!

  • From the traits of what's going on it doesn't look like you should even try.

    Maybe he isn't available because if he kissed you a month ago and still hasn't even attempted to be with you and you want him.