What's happening with this guy?

I have been dating this guy for like two months now. Usually I'm a girl that always had a wall up, and gives guys a hard time. But lately I changed after meeting this guy. He is such a gentleman, sweet, and charming. The kind that always does and says the right thing. My wall is down, I have showed him I'm interested, not in a needy way, but in I'm really into you kind of way, but only because I have been mirroring his actions. However, he has changed, no more morning texts, or hearing from him more than once during the week. No more back to back dates now is once a week. I tried distancing myself but not excepting every date he asks me on, and he is somewhat doing the same. What's happening here, has he lost interest? We haven't slept together, the most we done is make out. Do we just need time apart?


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  • Well...for a minute let blow away you fog of lust and think back to when you guys were together...bet you notice stuff ..sometimes we block out hints when we are happy