Should I ask his friend for advice about him?

we aren't on speaking terms. before that I had added one of his good friends on fb just because I ADD everyone. I have like over 2000friends. we started chatting. I felt weird so I told him that me and his friend weren't talking right now.

now, I'm tempted to ask for advice on his friend. he might have better insight on how to handle the situation. or would that be really and a breach/boundary crossing?

it might be weird. I started chatting to him because I like random convos with people on the net. do you think that's too much?

he's pretty private. I know he'll be pissed off if it got back to him.

but I also get the sense that his friend could keep a secret.


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  • Hmm would your friends do it? no lol

    Besides I don't know if his friends are like my exs friends but they tell him everything and some were creepy enough to hit on me and try to get with me so be careful what you write him. (you don't know what he told your ex already and a lot of guys add more detail then was said"

    • all I said was that he didnt' communicate and he had a tendency to drag things out.

    • I know it might seem like a simple issue to discuss but his friend will take it as you complaining and bringing him into drama then we will eventually complain to his friend or just ignore u

    • Whatever I did it so at least people know what awful person he is