In love with two guys?

verything started to get complicated last Friday. I have a crush on this guy since December and in February I told him everything on FB (I know it's lame, but I am really shy), but he just continued smiling and staring at me, without ever talking to me about it. Then on Friday at a party I met this guy whom I told about my crush, as he was attending that party too and he again kept smiling and staring at me. This guy I met on Friday told me that I should definitely talk to my crush about my feelings and told me that I am beautiful and he sure likes me. Then he agreed to come help me on Monday when I knew I would see my crush again.

On Monday he came, but my crush wasn't there so we just started to hang out a while and he was a real gentleman, telling me I'm beautiful all the time. At the end he asked for my number and wanted to drive me home, but I didn't want to do this so he gave me his number and told me I could call him anytime.

I felt guilty at home so I texted him and he seemed really happy to have my number. We then texted for hours and I felt happier than ever before. Next day, he told me that he wrote to my crush on Facebook to tell him to meet me on Thursday. He said he would come too, to support me. Then my crush acted like he didn't know me and well, this other guy said he probably won't come on Thursday, but he will still be there to meet me. He even told me his FB password, so that I could see the conversation.

So tomorrow I am going to meet this other guy, who has been so nice and maybe also my crush. The problem is that I think I now like this other guy more than my crush. He always tells me compliments and does everything I ask him too. My crush knows that I like him since February, but keeps acting like he doesn't know me. I really don't know what to do, I am desperate, please help me with some advice! Should I tell this other guy that I started to have feelings for him or should I just wait and still talk to my crush?


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  • Uhh...he knows. He has your number, you have texted and give him credit he knows you have some/alot of feelings. If your other crush doesn't want to act, follow your feelings.

    Who said you can only have feelings for one guy at a time. We guys fall for different gals, and sometimes try to go with them all (something I blow when I try), so what is the diffeeence.

    It is your life, so see how it goes. And have fun!

    • thanks...we are oficially a couple since yesterday so...thanks :)

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    • haha thx :)

    • Thanks for BA...good luck and much fun with relationship!

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