How to choose between 2 great guys you've met online?

I'm not actually in a relationship, but I've been talking/writing to a guy for about 5 months who I met on GAG, but he lives on the other side of the world. We have mutual feelings and interest at a more than friendly level, but don't know when we can actually meet in person, and we have a lot in common. Since we don't know if.when we can get together (he works, I'm a student), we've agreed that we wouldn't hold back if either of us met someone else who lived closer to us.

Almost a week ago, I met another guy on here, who I have other things in common with and he also really likes me. I like him, but haven't known him long. And he only lives a couple hours away from me. He's also a virgin like me, if that even matters at all.

I don't want to seem like I'm sizing these guys up, but I have different things in common with each guy and I like them both. Should I try to pursue the one that's more geographically convenient and don't know well, or the one who I already know I could have a great relationship with but is very far away?


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  • I've been in your position quite a few times. There have been girls that are way too far, and that's what got me over them. Generally you should go for the guy that's closer, unless you know that the further one will be willing to move. Not to sound mean, but be aware of what kinds of people you meet. A lot of them could just be tricking you for anything.


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  • The guy who is closer. It's more convenient and you have a better chance of making it work out.

    Just keep talking to the one who's 2 hours away for a couple of months and see where that goes and if he's willing to come to you first. Make your decision then.

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