Dating comercials online.

Lol I think it's kinda funny, Facebook they had this commercial on the side and it said "Millions of single Icelandic women looking for love now." "Millions of single Icelandic women are waiting for you.." blahblahblah... But we don't even have one million of Icelandic women.. We don't even have half a million of Icelandic women? We are around 300.000 (Including men) Who makes those commercials? (I'm from Iceland so that's why I was wondering and thought it was funny) Is it like just something random and they change the name of the country or something?


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  • Think they thought the extra "0" might help?

    They are selling the idea, so why worry about real things...besides, the person who wrote it might not even know where Iceland is or that it is an old democrcy or the hot springs...

    Why let truth get in the way of an idea...

    • Thanks for BA. This,means I get to meet ONE of the "millons" of gals from Iceland (and I know where it is)?

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    • Thanks anyway. I tried :) lol

    • lol :D

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  • LOL

    They probably just do it to draw people in anyway, not so much for it to be correct.

  • That is funny. There are many a less than truthful dating sites trying to make money off of people's loneliness.