So did I miss my chance?

So a guy asked me out on a date and told his mate...however, I think I like the mate. The guy that asked me out is just back from a lads holiday with the mate and he said that while they were out there they all asked who each guy likes from back home. The guy told them he liked me and then the mate said 'oh...your so lucky, I liked her but uhmi thought she liked my older brother so I don't know who I like, yeah...'. does this mean that I have missed my chance with the mate?


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  • It's hard to say, depends on how close the group of friends are and how they both feel about this situation.

    I'd say you're in with a chance, it sounds like the guy that asked you out knows what's going on anyway. If the mate didn't mention you at all and said he was after someone else, then I'd say that he's moved on - but he didn't, did he?

    I think the best person to talk to about this is the guy that asked you out. He might get a bit pissy, but if you already liked his mate before he asked you out it's not something he should take personally


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