Do I still have a chance?

My best guy friend and I were sorta kinda having a thing, like, we've kissed,etc & his best friend told me he like me, and that he was considering asking me out! So I was pretty happy! because I totally had a crush on him too. The next day I find out my other friend, lets call her 'A', started talking to him. I talked to him about it and he said he DID like me, but I wasn't showing that I was interested, so he kinda started considering A. He told me he had been interested in me, but now everything was confusing and he liked both A and me. That was the last day of school, so of course everything was left as a cliff hanger! A & I talked about it and she said she really liked him, but only thinks if anything did happen it would be a summer fling. I told her I was over him, but lately.. ha ha I don't know he's been in my dreams and I can't stop thinking about him and what could've happened.

What on earth should I do? Should I wait til school starts in August and pursue him ? I need help! haha,


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  • You've kissed but 'you weren't showing interest'? Wow this guy is good! He's confused and considering A? Well. Confused. Right. The only way you can get this dude back, and don't get me wrong, is to back WAY off. Make it clear how you feel about being just an option, but not verbally. Then if he comes back, thank me. If not, yup, he really was 'confused'. And learn when people are taking you for a ride.

  • Umm sounds like a t.v show lol since your starting summer that would be a good excuse to hang together and maybe see were it goes from there, but you and "A" need to talk about its first cause all you need is to lose the guy and your friend


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