Why did the guy I'm texting start replying hours late or just not at all?

HELP! I've been texting this guy for a while now and we flirt all the time and then after his phone was out of service for 2 days he hasn't been as sweet on me as he usually was. Now whenever I text him he either texts super late ( like hours late ) or he just won't text backā€¦ this sucks help please?


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  • I went through this. The guy liked me crazy, but I hated his way of texting. He would eventually reply, but he took several hours. I know he has work and school, but still, I don't think taking 3minutes from your time will hurt you. He ended up asking me out. My point is that this guy might be playing hard to get, in order to keep you wanting more and more and more. Just play his game, and see who would the one chasing. If he does a tiny bit of it, then he's into you, if he doesn't show effort, then he's not interested.


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  • well he might lost interest in you or playing hard to get.. if you know what I'm trying to say

    i really hate when people do this.

    just casually ask him out and see his response, if he flakes on you then move on because there's no place for mind games when you really like someone...!

    good luck :)


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