What to do when you have liked a guy but he likes your friend who doesn't like him? (Long title, I know!)

Okay, so basically I have liked this guy for a while now (let's call him Bob) and my friend was the person I told about it right at the beginning (let's call her Mary). I distanced myself from Bob a few months ago and decided to let it go and just be friends because he liked somebody else that I knew and I didn't think I could compare. Anyway, my birthday came around and I was having a massive party and I invited him and his group of friends (since I know them so well) Mary was there too. Mary and Bob didn't talk throughout the night but Bob's friends kept on flirting with my close girl friends so I have been dealing with that. Anyway, after the party me and Bob started talking again just about general stuff and then he puts it out there just as I have started to like him again that he likes Mary. I have no problem with this except Mary is a bitch at times, like recently she called me ugly, fat and all sorts behind my back. Anyway, I wasn't about to mess up his chances with Mary for a personal reason like that so I went and asked Mary subtly who she would like from him and his group of friends and she chose his two best friends but when I suggested Bob she just laughed and said no. I told him this but now I feel bad because the answer was no, he says he isn't going to get his hopes up and I'm glad for that. What would you do? I'm not going to tell him I like him when he clearly doesn't feel the same but then Bob has no chances with Mary, is it wrong to flirt with Bob knowing that he likes Mary? Can I stop him liking Mary to protect him? (And before you suggest it, I wouldn't stop him on personal grounds, that is uncalled for) I just don't know what to do!

oh yeah the girl he liked in the beginning (when I distanced myself) was not Mary, he has only just began to like her within the last week


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  • I have a friend like that, but it's the other way around. You should tell mary that Bob likes her (since she doesn't like him), and maybe she can hook you up with him. Hope that helps :)

    • That would be perfect but I talk to Bob a lot more than Mary does, in fact they've never had a proper conversation together :/