Why is he dating me?

he is really distant, I know very little about him. he almost never talks about his feelings. now we are exclusive, he wanted that. but we Haven't met for 2 weeks, he told me because he has to prepare for his exam, but he had time for basketball and didn't study that much. he is handsome and cute and funny and everything I want. and he doesn't bring up sex, we have only kissed and nothing more. and our dates are about talking not kissing. why did he want to be exclusive with me if he is that distant?


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  • Well being distant is something a lot of guys go through at some point. Especially if the guy has trouble with women breaking his heart, or if he's had a rough life before. Sometimes it's hard to let someone in. Still that doesn't mean he doesn't like you, and sure he's been busy for a couple weeks, with things like school and basketball, because these things can eat up a lot of time. But again, it doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't like you. More likely it means two things. One: It means he has trust issues letting people in. (and) Two: It means he has very poor time management skills, and hasn't prioritized making time. Why did he want to be exclusive with you? Easy. He like you. He wants to date you, but hasn't had much time. As for his time management, that's something you can take care of now, but addressing this issue with him, as soon as possible, and telling him how important it is. The other stuff, like getting to know you, and letting you in, that might take time, and you may want to decide yourself if he's worth it. Your choice. Still, none of what you talked about means he doesn't like you. Not necessarily.

    • Forget about what the other guy is telling you. I don't think he's necessarily trying to play you. As I said, I think it's most likely that he likes you, but is distant for a reason, and his studies and basketball likely comes down to time management. Talk to him about to him spending more time, see what you can get out of that, or try to figure out if you think he's worth the time and energy to show him he can open up to you, whenever he's ready.

    • thanks for the advice (: my biggest concern is that I have no idea how much affection I should show,cause I want to kiss him and hug him and tell him how much I miss him, but I don't want to be clingy. and its not easy for me to open up either.

    • It's hard to figure these things out, because it's different for everyone. For now I'd just tackle one thing at a time. First see if you can't get to some kind of arrangement regarding the time he spends with you. I mean it's been two weeks. I don't think you're being unreasonable if you asked to see him more. As for what's clingy, you can always hammer that stuff out later.

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  • gay, religious, or stringing you along. take your pick

    Distant and doesn't bring up sex is a classic tactic I use to make a girl want me 100x more. Some guys are just more patient and smarter. Similar to a manipulative woman.

    • i think its working...

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    • i was the ultimate d bag. I know every possibility and how to play you out.

      the only way you can win is walking away. but you wont. because he's handsome. he's not that funny. he's just handsome. distant? you smell like a fake exclusive long term friends with benefits

    • he is not a d bag. and yes, he is funny. my opinion matters to him, and once he was rude because he was annoyed by someone then he apologized for it and felt bad about it and I can see that he is honest in his eyes. just distant. he treats me with respect. plus, I'm not a dumb btch.

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