What does it mean when a guy asks you to be his date at a formal event?

this is a guy I have been hooking up with often the last 2 months and he call and texts me everyday. but he has never been in a serious relationship ever at the age of 24, and I know he is a ladies man. and I know I do NOT want anything serious with him and kinda see him as a friend, sort of. does it mean anything that he asked me to be his date to this formal dinner event, or is it possibly just cause he wants to show off?

the reason I want to figure it out is because I don't want to lead him on if it means anything.

well I'd like to tell all of you that I broke up with my boyfriend and I am happier then ever! :D finally got my life back! he doesn't know anything about what happend end I won't ever tell him eigther.. there you go suckers! ;D


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  • More than likely not, from the way you tell it. To me it sounds like you're the girl he would most like to hang out with for the evening, but I'm not going to try and nail down the reason why. If it sets off alarm bells that he wants to spend time with you just being sociable (until the end of the evening, at least) then you should talk to him sooner rather than later. If he's a "ladies' man", then he's not going to have much of a problem carrying on hooking up with you.


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