I just saw this advertisment, and it sounds creepy! What do you think?

I just saw yet another ad and it said: Gentleman Campanionship

Handsome Men Here

Reasonable Evening Rates!

Okay! Am I the only one, that thinks that sounds like male


That's just how I want to show up at a family event! "So who's

your date? This is Rasputin, I buy him off the internet. 100 bucks

for 45 min lol!" Ah! Romance lol!

Anyway, I'm just being a smartass, but what do you think that ad

sounds like? Thanks! : )


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  • It's less creepy than similar ad's for women because there is probably no chance of human trafficking being involved. In my city there are a number of free magazines that get all their ad money from prostitution, mostly young Asian women who for all I know are here against their will. I find it disturbing.

  • where did you find this add? are you thinking of using male prostitutes?


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