What should I do? which guy? or none?

i have a very complicated love life and situation that I need help with. Basically there are 3 boys I'm into: Josh, Max and Alex. Alex is the older brother of Max and both of them are mates with Josh. So I have had a thing for Alex the longest...we are going on a holiday in a group together and we have chatted tons and gone out a lot. He invites me out but to group settings, with a mix of singles and couples. However, I sometimes go through spells of liking his brother Max. Josh, has asked me on a date 3 times : twice I've gone. He is really nice and says he see's a future with me and when I am with him I'm very tempted to say I agree. However, when I'm with Josh and Max together I cannot choose between them. Max is coming on the group holiday also but Josh is not. I may have told Max that I liked him after finding out he might like me, however now Max is saying 'josh is my mate and would be gutted if we were together, I think that you should tell josh how you feel about him'. So now basically, I've probably ruined things with Max and Josh and I'm guessing if Alex liked me he would have asked me on a date by now?! HELP! which boy ?


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  • Hi there. Sounds like you are in a pickle lol. However I will make it very easy for you. Sometimes women have to take a step back and think about things from a mans point of view. Does Josh, Max and Alex all know that you have been on a date with more than one of them? What man that is seriously interested in you would be OK with you dating his friend or brother? My point is that men have a bro code. If there is a woman that a man is seriously interested in he would tell his friend or bother "no you can't go out on a date with her", lets say they found out after the fact they would still say "hey bro or friend I like her and we went out first so she's off limits", so where you may think that you are actually in control here and that you have a choice, I see it the oppossite way. They talk to each other about you and none of them are serious about you and if any of them were seriously interested before that "serious" interest is no longer there as soon as you went out on a date with the other one. Sorry but if you are looking for something serious unless you do some serious segregation by picking one now and not dating any of the others or doing group trips, none of them are seriously interested. Wish you best. Would love to hear what you decided.

    • I've told Josh that I need time think over summer. I see them at church every Sunday, and know them all well so now I am kind of wishing that I could just get over 2 of them so its clear to me.

    • Which one has pursued you? Which one do you have the most feelings for? If you are looking for a relationship, which one is a better match (i.e. you can effortlessly talk to, have a good friendship etc.? Hopefully those questions will help point to one in particular.

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