He says she's not good enough for him

So a coworker of mine told me that his "friend" was just that, a friend. He told me that he wasn't attracted to her "in that way" and that they didn't have sex. He asked me over to his house twice and asked me to hang out in the parking lot after work and also asked me out to dinner, all of this on the very first day he heard I was breaking up with my s.o. He even stopped me in the parking lot as I was driving away to say he would make me dinner if I came over. I suspected it was merely to have sex and didn't want to do anything stupid right after a break up and declined all of his offers. One day, after warming up to him a bit I told him I thought he was kind of an amazing person. He said, "Don't say that."

Later, he told me that he had lied and that he and his "friend" have sex. He told me that there are things that needed to be worked on between the two of them like social, family, personal etc. but that that doesn't mean there's not a "possibility". I asked him what that meant and he seemed like he was uncomfortable explaining. He also said that she isn't good enough for him and that he tells her that all the time. I gasped when he said this and he quickly said he was just joking, that he really didn't tell her that. The next day, feeling overwhelmed, I didn't speak to him as I needed time to think and I didn't owe him anything anyway since we weren't in a relationship. Long story short, it seems like he has flirted hardcore with me by putting random things in my coat pocket that I would find when I got home, he's asked me out to lunch countless times (though I've said no about 98% of the time). He stayed behind when we went out to a restaurant to open the door for me. He's gotten jealous when I told him I was having lunch with someone else. He's also made comments about how the bar is pretty low and said things like "the lights go out either way and I can make them (girls) whoever I want." I don't know if this has anything to do with her, but she is probably pushing around 200 or 220 lbs. There have been what seem like little flirtations which are almost too countless to mention and everybody we work with sees that he tries to get my attention, but I'm trying to stay steady in the fact that he lied once and he'll do it again. I heard from another co-worker that he said he was bored with her and I believe he said they don't really have anything in common. Since that happened he's gotten his girlfriend a job where we work.

The first day she was there he asked me to walk to the break-room with him to get coffee. Apparently, he's been seeing this girl on and off since they were teenagers or something and according to her, he always gets bored with them after 3 weeks and comes back to her. He's 28, she's 31. She told another co-worker that she was getting too old for this and that basically she's not doing that anymore and if they don't get married, she's done. She told a co-worker that he told her , "You know you're going to have to buy a dress for this wedding, right?" Would he ditch her for me or am I right for just staying away from this guy?


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  • I say stay away. He obviously needs to deal with this other chick first. With you all working together, this could get ugly.