What is HE thinking?

Okay so I have this friend who has just gotten out of a relationship with a girl he was dating and lived with. They dated for 7 months. then Him and I started talking right at the last couple weeks of their relationship. We hung out once and had fun nice conversation. and then him and his girlfriend broke up.

(we still talked since we had hung out)

So last week after we still talked all the time. he came over and we watched movies and hung out, but it was a little more flirty fun he had his head on my knees and fell asleep.

Then my friend kaity and I hung out with him at the park. and we all had a blast. he was being nice and flirty with her and nice and firty with me,

but with me he would just want to touch me. like he would find some way to hold my hands (we made up a handshake) he would feel my arms to feel how cold I was and then wrapped his arms around me to keep me warm. then the 3 of us went in her car to watch a movie and he kept touching my face and playing with my hair.

then a few days ago He came over again to watch movies and he made me lay down next to him and cuddle the whole time. he fall asleep and didn't let me go. so I woke him up and took him to my room where we just went to bed. and he wouldn't let me go all night. when he had to get up for work. he tucked me into bed kissed my shoulder and said ill call you later okay sleep tight. and left.

he came over last night as well from the bars. and was all cuddly but then sat ontop of me and pinned me ( I think to try and enforce dominence because I said I would slap him) and we just wtched more movies and fell asleep

buuut he also comended on his ex gf's photo saying how pretty she is with her new bangs.

what do you think is going on in his mind about me?

like does he like me, am I just a rebound?

HEP ! :/


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  • He obviously enjoys your company very much but as the guy below has said, he does see you as emotional comfort from losing his girlfriend. He is missing her and sees you as a lovely girl in his life helping him overcome his loss. I'm not saying he is using you, he clearly does care for you so much, otherwise he would have cracked onto you a little bit more than what you have described. He values you in his life but you clearly give him emotional comfort (and some physical too) from his split from his ex. I would say I don't think he wants you as a girlfriend at the moment. And as already mentioned, you definitely do not want to be a rebound. Personally what I advise is be normal friends but limit certain things such as too much physical contact, make him aware without saying that you are his friend and will always be there for him, but not as a rebound.


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  • I think if he was really into her, love ect., your almost definitely a rebound. When people are in love I think they tend to go though a grieving process and it takes time to settle themselves. He's probably using your attention and affection as a way to ease the pain. Do you really think you can start a new relationship right after a serious one? You'd still be used to the other person and constantly compare them to the new person subconsciously. I'm just skeptical that it's really healthy.

    • I was in a serious relationship before the one I'm in now. After me and my ex broke up I dated my current boyfriend 4 days later. We've been together happily for 3 years now. Yeah, maybe he just got out of a relationship, but some people bounce back quickly.

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    • Guessed he was the same age as you but he's 2 years older. Was referring to when you dated him 3 years ago, so he was 19 then.

    • Wait I'm confused with the 2 of you girls. GL though :)

  • Sounds like he links you but I'd be careful. If he just got out of a relationship he might just be looking for someone to fill the gap he doesn't have anymore (like you fear, *rebound*). But if you continue to pursue it, congrats. If not, you're really pretty so I'm sure if you wanted a boyfriend it wouldn't be hard at all lol.

    • What do you think I should do?

      Just keep doing what's been happening so far? tell him I like him? or just see what's up and let things flow?

      I have been single for like 4 years now. he's the closest I have come so far lol

      Thank you by the way for actually giving an answer too :/ a real legit helpful answer lol

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    • ...and hope for the best.

    • Oh goodness okay. Thank you Brandon..

  • He's done all this and you still have to ask if he likes you or not? Come on now.

    • I'm really bad with men. I don't understand them at all and don't really trust the on es that try to be with me you know?

      I think he likes me but I just can't decifer if it's a "I wanna screw you Like" or a "I actually like you kinda like"

      what do you think?

    • If he just wanted to screw you, he would've done it already.

    • Hmm I guess so. Thanks for helpin'

  • Hi pretty girl with green eyes :)

    • Unless you're going to help me, don't try to flirt your way into something lol I'm obviously wondering about this man I'm talking about above lol

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  • If I were you I would think its just rebounding because he's still hurt and I would be there for him but not reciprocate any flirtation because it could ruin your friendship.

  • He def sounds like he likes you. I don't think a guy would hold you that much if he didn't really like you. Maybe him and his ex are on good terms or he was just being nice. After all, that was a hair comment. It's not like he was like omg your so hott. I mean come on, tucking you in, hanging out with you a lot, finding ways to be close to you. He really likes you.

    • Okay, Thank you for helping?

      I just have a SUPER hard time with men and being able to tell what they are feeling or what their intensions are.

    • woops I ment helping!

    • We're all in the same boat love! If they don't hang out with you every possible moment they can, they're bad news bears.

  • He's using you, For whatever reasons.

    • And what reason might that be?

    • I mean if a guy compliments his girlfriend and says how pretty she is in front of you, That's enough for me . He would be gone so fast , I don't know if your'e giving him sex or not but if you are I will start with that.

    • No we are not having sex.