Would it be best for me to back off and let him come to me?

Ive liked this guy for a quite a while, but he had a girlfriend at the time so I stopped trying. He text me a few months later asking if I still had interest because him and his girlfriend broke up, I told him yes, and we hung out. We had a great time and he said he really enjoyed talking to me and he always had interest in me but couldn't do anything about it, he said it sucked we stopped talking before. We have been texting a lot for the last couple weeks but the things is he can't committ to anyone right now because he has golf tournements and he travels out of state to play, we also work opposite shifts, he says he is interested in me and hopes I understand the situation and it will only be like this for now. I told him I did but it always seems like I'm so close yet so far with this guy. I want to keep talking to him but I will end up liking him more and wanting to see him more and that's not possible right now. how do I go about this? I like him and I know he likes me too, when he sees me he stares at me and doesn't look away when I catch him, just gives me a soft smile. He says we have a connection and I feel that we do to. what do I do? back off or keep trying?


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  • I say he might like you but not enough to have a relationship with you. Maybe he's busy & all but if a guy really likes a girl I believe he will try very hard to be with that girl no matter what. For example, Superman still took time to visit the girl he was in love with even though he was out saving the world.

    Anyways, I think its better if he came to you first & he sure will if he really does like you,. Also, don't be afraid to send him a text first or make simple first steps like this once in a while (but make him make the first move most of the time).

    I wish you luck! :)

  • You tried to get him when he had a girlfriend, Yes back off and let him come to you . I'm going to take my own advice on this.

    • he talked to me first and I tried to remain friends when I found out. I'm the one who broke off contact, I told him I'm not the kind of girl to get in the way of another guys relationship and I didn't talk to him for 3 months, and then he came back to talk to me. I didn't try to get with him when he had a gf...thanks

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