Should I be cautious about a guy with mutiple female friends?

The guy I like(who also happens to be a friend of about 2 years) has quite a few female friends. I don't think he's a player and my best friend(who is his twin sister) says he's not.

What I wanna know is, do you guys think I should be careful? Or should I go with my gut and say he's an awesome guy who I think a relationship could really work w/?

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  • You sound insecure, the fact he hangs out with many girls is probablly because their GOOD friends and give him a female's perspective.

    • Well I am a little insecure. They're really pretty! And even though I know that he thinks I'M cute I don't know if he thinks THEY are too! lol

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    • You mean don't worry about all his females friends cause if he chooses me, it means he wants to be with me?

      Thanks. :)

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  • Or maybe he's a guy that can have female friends without wanting to f*** every one of them. Give him a chance has he done anything to show he's not worth the bother? Besides having friends of which a lot happen to be female

    • No, I think he's worth it. When I see him again maybe I can find out if he's interested. :)

  • Go with your gut - Instinct is usually the only solution.

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