When is this considered desperate?

I generally reply to texts immediately after I get them, because I don't want to waste my own time or the other person's time. My sister told me that you seem desperate if you reply immediately, and you should wait a min or two. I think in a real convo, people would be talking back and forth without much pause, so why should you bother waiting a min to text back? Girls, if I were texting you, would I seem desperate?


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  • No, you wouldn't seem desperate.. that's stupid. BUUUUUT, I think it's desperate if a person does sends like 2 texts asking why the person hasn't replied yet.


    Person A "Hey"

    Person B "Hey"

    A "How was your day"

    2hr pass

    A "Are you busy?"

    1hr passes

    A "I think you are, I don't want to bother you"

    20min pass

    A " You don't have to reply if you don't want"

    30 min pass

    A "I understand if you're busy"

    10min pass

    A "I'll talk to you later"

    5min pass

    A "Sorry for bothering you"

    • Haha that seems a bit creepy, you would have to be a weirdo to continually text for 4hr 5 min with no reply. Glad that I don't come across as desperate

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  • no. but I guess it depends on what you are saying...if I really like the person I hate waiting for a reply because then I stop waiting and then they are like..uhhhh where did you go? ummm..not waiting around for you? haha.

  • you would only be desperate if you kept texting after I did not reply for a long time after a back and forth conversation

  • no. I get annoyed having to wait on an answer.


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  • If people wanted a real conversation in real time, they'd use the phone as an actual phone.

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