Why won't he kiss me?

So I broke up with my ex after 3 months of dating. I am now dating a guy who is sweet and funny and always makes me happy...except for one thing. It's been one 1/2 months and he hasn't kissed me and he hardly talks to me. He says he doesn't like to text and I get that but he doesn't call. And I have tried. I want him to kiss me so bad cause maybe that will help in some way to get us closer in our relationship. He hasn't ven tried to kiss me. Help please.


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What Guys Said 1

  • have you tried kissing him?try being hard to get and see

    • No I haven't tried kissing him because I don't want Him to back away and it get awkward and thanks I will try to play hard to get

    • maybe he's thinking the same thing, one of you are going to have to take the risk.

What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he is shy and needs you to make the first move, or like the other answer said maybe you need to play hard to get. The only flaw in that I can see is if he is shy I don' think being "hard to get" will help just possibly make things worse.

    It depends on what kind of person you think he really is.

    • he is kind of shy

    • he may be shy to initiate kissing but does he have to be so shy he doesn't communicate regularly I honestly don't undurstand him I don't even think he's seeing anyone else.either you take control or try to draw him out(hard to get or another way you find fitting)you know him better.