Did he overreact with me or did he just need space?

Ok to begin with I am pregant. My boyfriend and I were in downtown Chicago (big city) we were both irritated with each other, so irritated to the point that he left me in downtown all by myself. I was lost for a while but I found my way home. But not only that I am also close to my due date. I feel like I did something wrong because he was treating me like sh** all day but he has never treated me like that before.


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  • Plain and simple he's an a**hole. Over reacting has got nothing to do with it and as for you doing something wrong, please do me a favour and stop thinking that. What kind of a guy f***s off leaving his heavily pregnant girlfriend at the side of the street. Yes the thought of becoming a father may be freaking him out but that's absolutely no excuse. You are about to become a mother, you've gone through 9 months of pregnancy, hormones raging but he thinks its OK to abandon you on the side of the road as though you were garbage . There's guys out there who wouldn't do that to a dog never mind their girlfriend. I just hope its not a sign of things to come.


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