I met this guy in a club last weekend and now he already told me about his f****** up family?

we were texting and somehow this came up.

do you guys always talk about your family that early?

or could it be that he just made that up?

would you tell a girl about your bad family situation if you were only interested in sex?


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  • maybe he already feels comfortable enough with you too talk about that, maybe he wanted you to know things that are going on in his life before you make the decision to be friends with him, or he could have just had things on his mind and since you and him were talking he decided to talk to you about it. Or on the other hand he could be a crazy ass liar, giving you a sob story so you feel bad for him, and he tries to take advantage of that. Most likely that's not the case, and he just genuinely brought it up to you for some reason.

    • yea he said he's cool with it now. it happened a long time ago

    • oh okay well he just wanted you to know a big part about his life. How cute (:

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  • I wouldn't care if he told mi about his family. I guess it's about how he says it or goes about it. If it's like he's drunk and and you just met. I can see how it would be awkward. maybe he was going to through a tough time?

    • he was sober when me met. affterwards we just texted a few times and then it came up...

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    • no

    • Maybe he needed someone to talk to

  • Run, run to the hills if he has already unloaded so much on you imagine how bad it will be in the future. I am pretty sure he is interested in someone to talk to over sex.

    • its not like he started with it. I asked about why he came to live here. and then he had to explain...i just didn't know the reason was that bad...

    • Hm well in that case because he has told you so much already I guess he trusts you or is just open about that stuff but I think if he just wanted to sleep with you he would of kept the conversation light and sexual.

    • hmm OK. thanks!