I told him I liked him, now things are weird. What do I do?

A few weeks ago I told this guy I liked that I liked him. I wouldn't have said anything if I wasn't almost positive that he felt the same. He said he liked me too, but only as a friend. I said it was cool and acted normal. Now, we still talk, but not as frequently. And it feels a little awkward on his end.

I've asked some people about this and the census seems to be that I surprised him and he needs time to think things over. We haven't known each other that long, so I can understand that he may feel a bit uncomfortable about it. Maybe I moved too fast for his liking. On the flipside, guys have said that they wished girls would be more open about this sort of thing and not play games.

So far I've acted like nothing happened. I never brought it up again. I've tried to muster up the courage to ask him to hang out, but so far I've failed. Usually I only get as far as, "Do you have any plans?" and he tells me he does and that's the end of that. I try to give him his space. I don't text him.

Except even if he doesn't like me in that way I still would like to be friends with him. I still think he's a pretty cool person. So, do I just wait until he comes around and starts talking to me like before again? Am I doing the right thing by backing off?


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  • i think it is a smart move to back off. not just to give him space but also so that you won't focus on him and instead use the time and opportunity to pump up your social life (which doesn't include only him, I'm sure). I am also sure that he will come around soon (I mean, you guys have been friends before so I'm certain he will miss the connection), but don't keep your expectations up and hope that when he does he will confess unending love. I think it's pretty mature of you to still try to be friends with him even after youve told him what you honestly felt. but now is also the time to just let go. after all, he isn't the only cool person you can be friends with. surround yourself with people you like to hang out with also, and activities that you enjoy and where you can meet lots of people. when and if he starts contacting you, offer your sincere friendship, but don't expect that it means he is also crushing on you. just move forward and be confident that a guy as cool, mature, brave and honest as you are will fall for you soon.

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