Should I send the guy I like a text saying "oh I thought I sent this yesterday"?

So me and this guy have a complicated history but basically we both like each other. The other day I told him I was leaving for vacation yesterday so I couldn't hang out. But then we had to stay home an extra day because my brother got sick, and I had to sit home and watch him all day. Except I had to walk to the store to buy medicine at one point, and the store is on a main road. He might have seen me walking and think I blew him off. Should I text him and clarify or something?

How should I bring it up though?


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  • Just tell him the truth, don't make up a story just to cover something up that's clearly not your fault.

  • Don't even mention it. You're way overthinking things.

    Don't run into lying just because you're afraid of something that might not even be an issue.


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